RVAC is dedicated to providing the best swim training in the St. Croix Valley, through superior instruction by a staff of knowledgeable instructors in a fun atmosphere where learning is enjoyable and meets the needs of every student. We believe that it is NEVER too late to learn to swim and enjoy the water.

RVAC has a number of instructors that specialize in Adult Beginner lessons.

Why learn to swim?

  • Swimming is a life-saving skill
  • Swimming has great health-benefits: low-impact – great for injury recovery, great exercise, cardio-conditioning, and is a life-long activity.
  • Join your loved ones in the water at family events, with friends, with their children, on vacations, etc.
  • Train/improve technique – compete in triathlons, challenge yourself with a new activity.

What do I need to bring?

Wear a swim suit that you are comfortable moving around in, feel free to bring swim goggles and a towel.

What will I learn?

Our instructors will work with you to establish your goals for your swim instruction. Our instructors will gently push you to challenge yourself while encouraging your growth as a swimmer.

How long are lessons?

Each private instruction session is 30 minutes.

I am an adult beginner, how long until I am swimming?

Typically, our instructors will have you swimming a beginning stroke independently within 3 lessons.

How much to lessons cost?

Currently, we do Adult Swim Lessons through our Private Swim Instruction.